Confessions Of A Coach.

I’m going to bring you on a journey. It’s possible that you’ve been on this journey too. And if you have – I hear you, see you and know exactly how you feel.

Six years ago I suffered my first mental breakdown.

I was standing in the middle of a store staring blankly at a half-finished wall of clothing. At the time, I had a high-stress corporate fashion job while balancing entrepreneurship. Things had been a mess for a while, but I ignored all the signs and put my head down to power through. I felt like I was being buried alive in the sheer overwhelmingness of it all. Sound familiar?

The crushing weight of single-handedly doing a job meant for three people was too much.

The corporate office was on my ass, and if I didn’t deliver, the chances of being fired were high. I had just moved back to Canada (from being in Germany for two years) and I wasn’t about to lose a job I was recruited for. In retrospect, it’s funny how I was able to distract myself from my real truth when pressure was mounting up.

So here I am, staring at this wall.

Repeating the same sentence over and over in my head. I was like a robot on autopilot – “I need to get out of here NOW”. You can call it a panic-attack, a nervous or mental breakdown. Call it what you want, but to this day, I can still feel that moment in my body and mind so vividly. I grabbed the nearest sales associate I could find, and blurted out that I needed to leave – like now. I have no idea what I really said in that moment, because the next thing I knew, I was driving down the highway in tears, all the way to my doctors office.

I had the sense to know something was terribly wrong.

Breaking down in tears and nonsensical words in front of my doctor wasn’t my idea of a fantastic Monday morning. But as I calmed down, I began putting all the pieces together. Up until this point, I had done a pretty good job of having a strong sense of intuition and knowledge of how my body operates. And I knew that I’d let myself down. I had done this to myself by not listening to my heart and knowingly ignoring all the signs. Had I known what I know now, things would have been much easier to manage. Not to say that this mental breakdown wouldn’t have happened, because I believe it was a long time coming. I needed a jolt in my world to wake me up; to send me down a path of discovery.

Here’s what I concluded from my mental breakdown.

And I will tell you this – I’ve used this same list to make decisions from that day forward. It has helped me navigate the unknowns of my life, and I hope it helps anyone who feels the same way:
  • You’re number one in any scenario – so don’t let people manipulate you into thinking otherwise.
  • Don’t EVER do something your heart, body and soul doesn’t want to do.
  • Sometimes you have to break character to save yourself. Don’t feel bad about it; just figure out how to do it better next time.
  • If your body is showing you negative signs, that means you’ve already ignored your mind. You need to backtrack and collect your thoughts.
  • Audit your mental health and physical wellbeing on the regular. You must know where you’re at in these two categories for optimal balance.
  • Do at least one thing a day that makes you super jazzed. Without this, you’re just a number, a robot, a person who has no spice.
  • Don’t sacrifice your mental health for money. You will never win, and you will always end up in a place of self-hate.
  • Lead with your heart. It’s so cliche, but it’s also very necessary. Most people lead with their minds. Try doing the opposite once in a while.
  • Let it out. Cry, scream, smash things, go for a super fast run – do anything that makes you FEEL. You need to feel it to make it real
  • Talk to someone about it. We must all get better at speaking our truths. Because I bet you in a room full of ten people, at least one of them knows exactly how you feel.
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Jessica Elliott

Jessica Elliott

Founder of LIFETOX. Certified Executive + Life Coach for urban professionals. Dog lover and adventure seeker living in Vancouver, Canada.

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