LIFETOX Support Groups

This isn’t for the ordinary human. This is for the individual who seeks to better themselves while uplifting others.

You’re a self-starter who will trade an hour a week to gain life-changing skills and friendships. You’re a hard-working individual who wants to be seen, heard and fully understood. Someone who shines in their daily lives and uplifts the people around them.
You may be owning your career, but you’re just not feeling the love at work. Or you could be an solopreneur with a major lack of support. And you are quite possibly a strong individual who just really craves more human connection in an authentic way.

Craving a tribe that has your back isn’t anything new.

In fact, the need to belong and feel supported is human nature. You desire a safe environment to share stories. Where there’s no judgment, love is felt and trust comes naturally. A place where you can tell it like it is and get that resounding ‘yes, me too!’ response.

There’s no doubt that you will thrive in Support Groups. You get to hang-out with a unique group of people, from all different walks of life. You will create a tribe in which you can connect, grow, and flourish in together.

Join a LIFETOX Support Group

LIFETOX Support Groups

You will first learn coaching tips, tools and LIFETOX Methodologies. This will help you navigate a successful Support Group live meeting. You will then be placed into a Support Group environment where you will meet by phone on a weekly basis to test out your newfound skills. A high level of support will be established and you will hold each other accountable using our unique LIFETOX framework. This experience will shape you into a better, more caring individual who can listen and support others in the most organic way. This will change the way you ask questions and will quite literally re-wire your brain patterns to think differently.

Join A LIFETOX Support Group

LIFETOX Educational Support System

You might be interested in an ICF Certified program, but just don’t know if it’s right for you. Mabye you don’t want to commit to the financial burden of schooling right now. But your still uber-curious about coaching and the type of career it can bring you. Or you might want to bring the ‘Coach Approach’ and our LIFETOX Methodologies back into your organization so multiple individuals can benefit.

In this LIFETOX Educational Support System, a Certified Executive Coach will guide and support you every step of the way. They will teach you the tips, tools and tricks of the coaching world and you will be able to apply these new findings right away in your Group. This unique environment is unlike anything on the coaching market today and it will prepare you for whatever coaching or wellness path you decide to take. Trust us, if we only had something like this back in the day to show us the way, oh how much easier our paths would have been!

Join A LIFETOX Educational Support System

Not later. Not someday. You owe it to your future self to make a decision that will transform your life, TODAY.

Ready to go all in? Fantastic! Become part of our Support Groups and make a commitment that will elevate the quality of your life. By participating in our Support Groups, you are also improving the lives of those around you. Now it’s time to decide what type of Support Group your looking for.

<< You have two choices.

Plain and simple — the results are astounding. Are you ready to reflect on the person you were, and discover the amazing human you’ll become?

Sign up here for our next intake!

Please note there are limited spots, as we keep our groups intimate.

If you have questions, jump down below to our FAQs or contact us directly by email or phoneWe look forward to having you be apart of the LIFETOX community and can’t wait to meet you soon!

Support Groups
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Looking for Professional Coaching without the Support Groups?

Well, there’s that too! You can be coached in a one-to-one environment, with the same credentials, just without the Support Group program. With a minimum of three sessions, you will be on your way to achieving your goals and exceeding expectations. And guess what? — The longer you participate in coaching, the more intuned and self-aware you will become. And who doesn’t want that?!

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