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What is Executive Life Coaching?

Well, it’s my way of saying that I’m a Certified Executive Coach who conducts coaching sessions about business, career and life! In this process, my client’s are taken care of in the most safe and skilled way, all while attending to their needs, wants and comfort in a professional and accredited environment.

Want to hire a Coach? Then you’ve come to the right spot! If you haven’t already, head on over to the Coaching page to read about our process and methods. We are excited to have you on board and look forward to speaking soon.

What is the 5 Detox Barriers program?

For an in-depth look into the 5 Detox Barriers Coaching program, head over here.

I’m interested in your Support Groups, tell me more!

If your looking to better yourself while uplifting others, then LIFETOX Support Groups are for you! By having a support group (and tribe!), it will better your spirits and help you obtain your goals. You will also learn the ‘Coach Approach’ to asking questions and gain access to an in-depth look to what coaching is all about! As a result, you will gain massive insight into not only yourself, but how to interact better with others.

Check out our LIFETOX Support Groups page for in-depth information and to sign up for our next intake!

What is your Articles page?

Articles is a blog page that provides a platform for my (Coach Jessica Elliott’s) voice to be heard!  I can’t promise a weekly post, or a timeline on when we drop new information. But, however, what I can promise is that each Article will be filled with the most up-to-date findings, personal stories, and take-aways to enrich your day!

I have guest writers in the works from all walks of life, bringing you the most rich and exciting information. Want a notification everytime a new Article is posted? Sign up here.

What are your Coaching credentials?

If you want the full 411 on my background, visit my Linkedin or click here. But for now, here are a few key points:

  • I’m a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and alumni of the Royal Roads University Graduate Coaching Program.
  • I have my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) – the world’s largest, and only globally-recognized certification for coaching professionals.
  • I’ve fulfilled rigorous educational and experiential learning requirements to become a trusted and well-rounded coach. 
  • I proudly and wholeheartedly demonstrate my commitment to coaching excellence within the wellness and coaching worlds.
  • I’m always learning, absorbing and sharing industry-related information.
  • A goal of mine is to make coaching modern and cool!
  • In 2019, my plan is to attend important educational retreats and seminars to gain the most up-to-date coaching and scientifically-related information to incorporate into LIFETOX and share with my clients.

As programing and offerings grow, so will my team within the LIFETOX community. Check out our list of collaborators at the bottom of that page. If your interested in writing for our LIFETOX Article page, please let me know

What kind of mental or emotional state do I require to be coached?

Clients come to me in varying states of mental and emotional wellbeing. So naturally, I understand that life can be a rollercoaster from day-to-day! From the very start, I assess where you’re at and where you want to be – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. If at any time I feel that our coaching together would benefit an additional boost with a counselor and/or psychological relationship, then we will kindly suggest this.

Head over to this page and click the ‘Policies’ tab to learn more.

Information received through LIFETOX/Coach Jessica Elliott is not intended to replace advice from medical and/or other psychological practitioners. Here at LIFETOX, we lean heavily into a future-thinking, result, action and accountability based methodology.

I've committed to coaching, but now what? How sign-up, pay and start?

Congratulations! You’ve made a huge step toward bettering yourself (and others in your life). Head over to the ‘How To Book Services’ page to book online, and schedule in your sessions. You can also read about our Policies on this page.