Jessica Elliott

Co-creator of beautiful spaces, objects, moments and lives.

At the age of 22 I took a calculated risk.

I left my high-paying sales job to chase my entrepreneurial dreams. I jumped into things feet first, co-founding a new concept boutique in the heart of Vancouver. This experience showed me first-hand the ups and downs of running a business. Ultimately, it taught me to be responsible and ready for the unknown of entrepreneurship.

The boutique began a period in my life in which I tried it all!

I hauled off to Europe and crafted a jewelry and accessories line. I then moved back to Vancouver and went to school for interior design. Quickly realizing I had way more knowledge in the industry than I thought, I decided to launch a retail design firm to try it out!

People are amazed at the life-pivots i’ve been able to make, but I now understand that these pivots helped me find a stronger truth and a deeper purpose in my work. The common thread in all of my pursuits? I use my natural abilities to co-create beautiful things, moments and lives.

I approach life with intention, mindfulness and humor.

My compassionate and empathetic state of mind helps me be aware of not just my own sensitivities, but those of others. I have built my reputation on authenticity, and if something doesn’t align with me, it’s a no-go. I’m a person who is continuously curious about life – with all its quirks and surprises.

Sharing my talents and strategies with a world that needs my support is a must.

There are people who need LIFETOX as a puzzle piece to create their ideal lives. Without me, they are left wondering about the possibilities, and never really connect the dots. In an organic way, my goal is to provide a sense of community in coaching, and to build stronger support systems between people.

Breathing new life into old practices is important. As most people view coaching as something you need when everything goes wrong, but this is simply not true. By becoming a more grounded and capable person, you will continuously find ways to better yourself. It’s phenomenal who we morph into when given the chance, and the growth that can occur when we have the resources to reach our highest potential.

Jessica Elliott

Certified Executive Coach (CEC, ACC) & Mentor

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