Who We Are

Our life coaching is unique, and so are you!

I know your a unique human, with all your quirks and curiosities. That’s what makes you .. YOU. So let’s not change that, instead, let’s incorporate your dynamic self into a life coaching program made just for you. What are the results? – a life that is customized to your wants and needs, and a life that your not just surviving in, but thriving in!

The Coach Approach

The LIFETOX coach approach is a mix of certified coaching, life and wellness planning, consulting and mentoring. When combined, it provides you with endless possibilities and a dynamic outlook on life. Immediate results occur when you fully commit to the process of change. And there’s no doubt you’ll become an inspiration to others and lead from a place of confidence and growth.

Meet Coach Jessica Elliott

Make the right match.

The clients I work with are hard-working and dedicated to bettering their lives. They spend time and resources on self-discovery and wellness. They’re most certainly knowledgeable, grounded, and motivated to find the right tools to accelerate their potential. And most importantly, they enjoy human interaction and and thrive in an intimate learning environment. My clients are also emotionally intelligent and they appreciate and understand the mind and body connection and want to expand on this idea. 

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