detox barriers

There are 5 Detox Barriers that are your roadblock to success.

These Detox Barriers play a huge role in preventing you from living the life you want. You can try and drown out the noise with distraction, or attempt to outsmart your mind. But we both know those fears and dreams will come creeping back in.

Life can quite literally prevent you from living! So isn’t it time to turned down the volume of your inner-dialogue and turned up the volume on positivity and success.

I will assist you in conquering your 5 Detox Barriers one step at a time through a ‘mind detox’ process. As a result, your dreams and goals will be aligned and you will have full clarity in your life.

Here are The 5 Detox Barriers and their characteristics.


The relationships in your life can overwhelm you. You're struggling with friends, coworkers, family, partnerships or even the relationship with yourself. There are key fundamentals in co-creating relationships you feel comfortable and thrive in.

Limiting Beliefs

You have an arsenal of limiting beliefs and false stories that you tell yourself. These beliefs can be self-made, or these stories are projected onto you by others. The issue becomes when you start to believe these stories as true. By learning to expand your self-knowledge, you can discover your true self and what you’re capable of creating in your life.

Creating Positivity

You try ever-so-hard to create positivity around you, so much so, that you’ve formed the belief that your life should be perfect all the time. But the thing is, noone is supposed to stuff feelings and suppress our humanness. Creating a healthy, positive balance in your life, is essential for success, motivation and happiness.

Balancing Energy

How often do you make decisions based on where your energy meters at? Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy play equal parts in this balancing act of life. Energy management is a complicated thing, and if you’re not careful, it can suck the life out of you!

Your Environment

The people, places and things you surround yourself with are cluttering your mind. This prevents you from leading a fulfilling and tranquil life. Being mindful and editing your environment - including people and physical objects - you will begin to create a life that is balanced and calm.
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Fight these 5 Detox Barriers with a holistic approach. 

Not just by dissolving the symptoms with a Mind Detox, but also, the underlying cause. Here are some of the ways in which you will learn how: 

Let's Get Started!

Establish appropriate boundaries and learn how to use them

Learn about your Circle Of Influence and the ‘Deportation’ method

Come back to the heart-centric way of maintaining relationships

Expand the knowledge about your true self

Learn to re-frame your limiting beliefs into positive affirmations

Discover your new language of self-support

Understand where your ‘energy meter’ is at and how to adjust it

Learn to practice mindfulness in your ideal environment

Looking for Certified Coaching, without the program and extras?

Well, there’s that too! You can be coached in the same environment, with the same credentials, just without the program and extras. With a minimum of three sessions, you will be on your way to achieving your goals and exceeding expectations. The longer you participate in coaching, the more intuned and self-aware you will become. And who doesn’t want that?!

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